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This Terms and Conditions apply when you visit this website and purchase in eshop. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and any actions you done in website means you have accepted and agreed these Terms and Conditions.

General condition

This website will endeavor to provide the latest information and prices of the products, as well as the availability of the stock, and reserves the right to change the price of the goods without notice. If any of the products is not available to the customer due to out of stock, the site has the right to refuse to accept the order, or to provide the same kind and price of goods for replacement. If we cannot provide any products or services on your order, we will notify you by phone or email.

Shopping terms

The value of all products is calculated in Hong Kong dollars, the value and order as shown prevail. When the customer has purchased any products, he/she must pay the money by bank transfer or PayPal, VISA card or MasterCard. This website will not be liable for any failure of the bank or third-party trader to process a credit card transaction channel. This website will provide services based on the information provided by customer. This website is not responsible for any provision of wrong information causing failure of purchase. This website reserves the ownership of such products until delivered to the customer, but we shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the additional requirements of the customer. The customer will receive a shopping receipt for the record when the products are received.
Please note that all postal risks (including postal delivery delay, damage, loss or accidental theft, etc.) must be borne by the buyer and we will not be responsible for these risks. We can provide the proof of shipment if needed.

Privacy Policies

IntelliTech System will maintain the administrative, technical and practical measures appropriate to protect the personal data provided by you in order to prevent accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, viewing, disclosure or use. 
IntelliTech System does not authorize the service providers to use or disclose the information in addition to the services required by IntelliTech System to comply with the requirements of the law.





所有貨品之價值均以港幣計算,價值並以訂購當時所示為準。當客戶成功訂貨後,顧客必須於訂購貨品時以銀行轉賬或PayPal、VISA卡或萬事達卡支付有關款項。有關銀行或第三方貿易商用於處理信用卡交易通道發生故障時,本網站將不承擔任何責任。本網站會根據客戶所提供之資料提供服務。如因客戶提供錯誤資料或因任何非本網站所能控制之因素而影響訂購,本網站恕不負責。本網站保留該等貨品的所有權,直至貨品送抵給顧客,但若因顧客額外要求面而導致的任何損失, 本公司恕不負責。顧客將於收取貨品時收到購物收據以作記錄。
若選擇寄貨, 請注意所有郵寄風險(包括郵寄導致貨品延誤、損毀、遺失或意外盜竊等)必須由買方自行承擔, 我方一概恕不負責.如需我方證明已寄出貨品, 我方可提供郵寄證明


本網站尊重並致力在香港法例下保護顧客私隱,只有獲授權人士方可查閱。本網站所收集的資料會保存一段合理時間,並用作幫助本網站作市場研究以提供更多產品和服務。顧客的個人資料可作本公司的推廣, 宣傳或建立良好客戶關係之用。如閣下不欲收到有關資料,請先與本網站聯絡。